Daily Observations

Rufous Hummingbird

I didn’t get out too much today, though I did go for a walk around the park this evening.

Weather: Another sunny day with warm temperatures and light winds.

Birds: I stopped for a bit to watch hummingbirds in the blueberry bushes along Lincoln Street. There were at least three of them, including one female. All of the ones I got a good look at had pollen on their beaks, presumably from the blueberry flowers I saw them nectaring on.

There were still quite a few gulls down at the park. There were also American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, Northern Pintail, and assorted other ducks a little ways offshore.

There were at least two or three Greater Yellowlegs in the park as well.

Flora: The Alaska Blueberries are startring to bloom.

Salmonberries are in full bloom in many places.

Trailing Currant leaves are out, but I didn’t see any blooms yet.

I ate some wild cucumber while walking along Westwood Trail, there were several shoots of it coming up.

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