Daily Observations


I got out on a hike today at Herring Cove. A friend wanted to check out more of the bryophytes along the stream there, so I went along to take pictures. I didn’t end up taking any as the conditions weren’t great, but it was nice to get out all the same. This afternoon I got a chance to try out a new macro lens that I purchased in preparation for a project to document the flora of the Sitka area (including bryophytes). It was pretty fun, though a little challenging to use. The photos with today’s entry are ones I took around campus with the new lens.

Weather: It was partly cloudy this morning with increasing clouds through the day and the wind picking up this evening. Temperatures were cool overnight, but warmed up a bit today.

Birds: I’ve been hearing Golden-crowned Kinglets singing around the house.

There were two American Dippers that flew right by us several times as we made our way up Herring Cove creek. It seems like it might be a good place for them to nest, so I might try to make an effort to see if I can find any evidence of nesting activity there.

Other Notes: The snow has melted off quite fast, though there was still snow in places, it was patchy. This was a big change compared to a week ago when there was continuous snow at least a foot or more deep.


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