Recent Observations


It has been difficult to maintain a schedule the last few days, so I have not kept up with daily observations. I have been trying to catch up on various projects, so I did not get out too much except on Wednesday when I went for a hike up Indian River valley to the muskeg below the Middle Sister.

Weather: Overcast and rain continued through Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday skies started clearing. Clouds were still hanging over the mountains. Thursday it was mostly sunny, though there was some fog early.

Birds: Not much to note on the birds. I have been hearing many different variations to the Townsend’s Warbler calls and I have started trying to record them. Over time I would like to build up a collection of the different variations that occur around here. Ultimately I would like to do this for all the bird species whose songs vary.

The Swainson’s Thrushes are still actively singing around the neighborhood, as are the Hermit Thrushes and Townsend’s Warblers.

Flora: The Single Delights have started blooming in the park and around the neighborhood.

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