Mystery Eggs(?)

On a recent walk around Indian River, Rowan noticed a couple of egg-shaped things underneath an abandoned piece of plastic that appeared to have been in place for some time. The larger one was shaped very much like a small bird egg, while the smaller was more spherical. Rubbery to the touch, they did not … Read more

Dew Circle on Window

A couple of weeks ago on a clear morning after days of moisture, there was much dew to be found around. I was a little surprised to see this window with condensation (on the outside) leaving the clear circle in the middle. It’s a north-facing window (and wouldn’t have seen any direct sunlight that morning). … Read more

Investigating Old Scat

Connor was investigating this old scat that he found on a log, or I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. Although the age seems to have deteriorated the form significantly, making it a bit more difficult to tell what sort of animal might have left it, there are really not too many options for what it … Read more

Toads around Town

When I was growing up during the early and mid-80s, I remember finding toads from time to time. They were commonly found at the upper end of Swan Lake (by where there was a playground at the far side of the Moller park track), also in muskegs, and sometimes even just squished on the road. … Read more