Mystery Eggs(?)

On a recent walk around Indian River, Rowan noticed a couple of egg-shaped things underneath an abandoned piece of plastic that appeared to have been in place for some time. The larger one was shaped very much like a small bird egg, while the smaller was more spherical. Rubbery to the touch, they did not have a solid shell, and we did not want to break them open to see what was inside. We discussed bringing them home to see what might happen with them, but decided we don’t have a great track record at keeping up with such things (if we ever get one of the terrariums set up, maybe that would be better…) and left them.

Upon arriving home, I still had no idea what these might be, and it was only by a bit of a coincidence that I found something that seemed like a plausible match for these.

Just for fun, I’ll see if anyone knows (or can guess) what they might be – please leave your guess in the comments! I’ll post my best guess (subject to change, if I see some better ones come in) next week.

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