Common Loon (1 adult breeding and 2 immature) – kag̲eet

Dictionary of Tlingit: kag̲eet – Common Loon
Tlingit Noun Dictionary: kag̲eet – loon
Interior Tlingit Noun Dictionary: kag̲eet- common loon (Gavia immer)

The Common Loon is one of four species of loons that can be found regularly found in winter on the waters Southeast Alaska. It is one of two species (along with the Red-throated Loon) that is known to nest in the region. In winter the four species can be a little tricky to tell apart, but in breeding plumage, the only the Arctic nesting Yellow-billed Loon could be mistaken for this species. In practice, I suspect that traditionally it is unlikely any distinction would have been made between the Common Loon and Yellow-billed Loon.

I don’t know if kag̲eet has a meaningful breakdown or not, but it sort of looks like it is composed of:

  • ka- the relational noun associated with horizontal surfaces and/or being on something
  • g̲eet which is a verb stem that seems like it has something to do with darkness

Additional photos of Common Loons:

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