Daily Observations

Yellow Slime Mold

I took Connor and Rowan down to Sage Beach yesterday and then again today. Connor tried fishing for Pink Salmon and Rowan tried to catch Bullheads in tidepools. Today she even managed to catch a few. Jonathan and I hiked around Mosquito Cove today so I could look for slime molds.

Weather: Mostly Cloudy. Temperatures in the lower 60s. Winds light.

Birds: While hiking around Mosquito Cove, we heard a Red-tailed Hawk call many times. We were never able to see the bird, so could not conclusively verify that it was a hawk instead of a Stellar’s Jay imitating, a hawk.

Flora: It appeared that I had missed some slime molds along the trail today, but I still was able to get photographs of a couple of different ones.

Also along Mosquito Cove trail under a stump was something I had never noticed before. Whatever it is, was reminiscent of the glow of Goblin Gold moss, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it was. It will get its own entry shortly.

There were quite a few mushrooms along the trail. Including at least one that I don’t think I have ever noticed before.

Other Notes: The woods along Mosquito Cove trail have a different sort of feel than the woods in Indian River Valley. I’m not sure what exactly the differences are that I’m noticing, however.

The Pink Salmon were far less abundant along the shore down from the Hatchery today. I’m not sure if a seiner had done some cost recovery for the hatchery, or if they had just moved up and congregated with higher density at the hatchery outflow.

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