Daily Observations


I took a couple of hours and went for a walk along Indian River Trail. I left the trail to explore one of the muskegs a bit before heading back.

Weather: Skies were overcast, but the temperature was pleasantly warm.

Birds: There was a Red-breasted Sapsucker feeding around the muskeg. It appeared to be hawking insects and I also saw it looking around the base of trees in the moss. This is not typical of the behavior I observe with the sapsucker that frequents our neighborhood.

Flora: Muskeg flowers are blooming. If all of the cloudberries I saw blooming bear fruit, it could be a good year for cloudberries. Three-leaf Goldthread was nearing the end of its blooming. I’ll try to look for seedpods this year to see what they look like.

Other Notes: I noticed the moth in the photo above when I was planning to take pictures of the sapsucker. I’ve never noticed one like it before.

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