Daily Observations

First of Season Blueberry Flower

Yesterday and today I spent mostly around the neighborhood. Connor, Rowan and I went down to Sage Beach yesterday afternoon, and this afternoon I went and played Ultimate Frisbee on the quad.

Weather: Yesterday morning was calm, with clearing skies. The wind picked up in the afternoon and it was partly cloudy. Temperatures actually felt warm, and I was comfortable in short sleeves down at the beach, even though it was windy. I wasn’t quite as bold as the guy fishing off Sage Rock who was only wearing shorts and sandals for part of the time we were there. Today it was partly sunny in the morning, with overcast in the afternoon. It started raining in the afternoon and was raining fairly hard at time this evening. It’s been pretty amazing how fast the snow has melted around town.

Birds: Yesterday I heard a robin singing somewhere in the neighborhood during the afternoon.

In the mornings I’ve been hearing a flicker calling.

There have been Belted Kingfishers rattling around the neighborhood and today I saw two of them flying together. I wonder if they are preparing to nest.

I heard from someone who hiked up to Bear Lake yesterday that there were goats on the peaks of Bear Mountain (presumably near the lake). He said there were also lots of ravens and the goats would chase the ravens when they landed on the peaks.

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