Snow Update

Avalanche on Cross Mountain

Last week I wrote a post on snow with a photo showing where an avalanche had cut loose. Since that time a second avalanche has also released on the same hillside (see above). I suspect these did not make it all the way down to Medvejie Lake, but it would be interesting to see.

Last week there was a Sheldon Jackson group that planned to hike across the island on an expedition course. I found out they had to turn back due to avalanche danger around Camp Lake. Conditions were probably similar there to what lead to the release of the avalanches on Cross Mountain, so I imagine it was a little scary.

The snow is definitely melting fast off the mountains now. Mt. Edgecumbe has significant bare patches on it. It looks like the snow is melting pretty good on Mt. Verstovia and Gavan Hill, but I have not had a chance to get up them so far.

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