More Mountain Snow

Blue skies this morning soon gave way to overcast as clouds moved up from the south. Although it was predominately overcast over town, it remained more clear to the northwest with clouds thinning and disappearing. I only happened to catch the last light on shining on Verstovia, but I saw pictures of the colorful sunset … Read more

Mountain Snow Tracking (from a Distance)

Showers continued today, but much more occasional and with decent sunny breaks between. Winds were fairly calm (at least while I was out). I am not sure how much snow fell at upper elevations over the past few days, but it was enough to smooth things out significantly. Theoretically the Harbor Mountain weather station should … Read more

Wet Snow, Solitaire Visit

Showers continued overnight and today, with more of an emphasis on snow. I heard at least one roll of thunder late in the night and woke to and inch or two of very wet snow on the ground. A somewhat full day kept me from getting out too much. When the sun did break out … Read more

Gray First of March

Another chilly wet day, though less volatile than yesterday. Today snow mixed in with, and occasionally dominated, the rain showers. None accumulated at my house, but here was a layer out the industrial park. My outside time was limited to an early afternoon drive. I went as far as the kelp patch turnaround in one … Read more

Squally Sunday

Squalls with rain and hail moved through from the southwest through much of the day, though things mellowed a bit later in the day. Yesterday’s steady rain broke a record for the date. The 1.45inches bested 1986’s 1.29 inches. I did not spend much time outside, other than going for a drive. Ocean conditions were … Read more

Steady Rain for a Gray Day

Rain was steady throughout the day, but winds were fairly mellow. I did not get out much, but did step outside to see a Purple Finch Connor had noticed just up the street. It was singing from the top of a tree. I suspect it’s the same bird that was first seen late last fall. … Read more