Morning Walk to Totem Park

I spent some time down at Totem Park this morning. I had hoped to get a picture of the Spotted Sandpiper that’s been around this winter, but by the time I arrived (a little before 9am), the tide was already out a fair bit. The bird has been seen as far up Indian River as … Read more

Afternoon Birding

Today is the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count. I spent some time between errands this afternoon to get a little birding in with a friend. Fortunately we managed to avoid being out in the worst of the rain showers that fell today (this morning in particular it rained pretty hard for an … Read more

Another Sit

Mostly gray skies today. The rather fierce breeze of yesterday evening diminished as the night wore on, and today was basically calm. I spent a little time over at the airport both this morning and then again this afternoon. I got a look at the Mountain Bluebird and possibly the Chipping Sparrow this morning, but … Read more

Airport Birds

Very clear skies today, cool, but since it was calm, it didn’t feel too bad. I spent some time this morning sitting at the airport in hopes of seeing the American Pipit and Horned Lark that have been hanging out there for much of the winter. At least it seems likely, there was a Horned … Read more