Sitka Nature Show #175 – Nicole Koeltzow

Download Radio Show The January 6th show featured a conversation with Nicole Koeltzow, who was in town to see the Rustic Bunting as part of her 2018 ABA big year. Nicole’s Facebook page for her big year. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel free to leave a comment here … Read more

New Year Birds

Clear conditions persisted overnight into today, resulting in a very frosty morning. I took some time today to go look for more of the unusual birds that have stuck around into the new year. I arrived at the location the Rustic Bunting has been frequenting, and was a little surprised to see it moments after … Read more

Trumpeters on Swan Lake

Skies cleared more overnight, leading to a frosty cool morning with some patchy fog that dissipated further as the day went on. I had errands to run this afternoon, so while I was out made a quick stop to see if the Rustic Bunting might be easy to see (it wasn’t), then went by Swan … Read more

Swamp Sparrow

With brighter conditions today, I made an effort to get out and look for the Swamp Sparrow that had been found along Price Street during the Christmas Bird Count which Connor had also seen earlier in the day. I brought Rowan along, and we didn’t have any trouble finding the sparrow foraging in some vegetation … Read more

First Day Sunset

With heavy clouds, bringing dim light and rain, the first day of 2019 did not inspire me to get outside, and I spent a good chunk of the day working on things inside. Among other things, I finished up getting all of my relevant 2018 photos into iNaturalist observations. I ended 2018 with 2770 observations … Read more