Indian River Valley

I took Rowan with me today to take care of the ibuttons up Indian River valley, but decided to check the waters out by the Industrial Park first since there had been a report of a Thick-billed Murre near Sawmill Cove. Thick-billed Murre is an unusual species to be seen close to town (though they … Read more

Downtown Morning Light

Yesterday was quite gray, and I did not take any photos, though with a forecast for some clearing skies, I did decide go to Pioneer Park and collect a couple of the caddisflies that are in the high intertidal seep pools there. I was not really surprised they were there, but it’s still interesting to … Read more

Northern Pygmy-Owl

Today was heavy overcast with periodic rain, though never too hard. Winds where I was seemed to be light. There was quite a bit of fog hanging over Swan Lake – I’m assuming due to cooling of the saturated air by the ice that remains on the lake. Kitty needed to collect some mosses, lichens, … Read more

Gavan Hill Trail

Some snow fell overnight on Monday with very light snow during the day yesterday. Based on the forecast, I thought it might change to rain, but the cold held on long enough for it to snow through the night into this morning, resulting in a couple of inches on the ground. By late morning, precipitation … Read more

Colorful Sunset, Crescent Moon

Enough snow fell overnight to cover everything in a clean layer of white, and muffle the sounds. I suspect there was as much traffic as usual driving by my house this morning as I was waking up, but it seemed quieter than usual. Clouds were breaking up and blue skies expanding just after 9am this … Read more

Bird’s Nest Fungus Collection

I was a little surprised to look outside at first light and see that it was cloudy. The last I had looked at the forecast, it called for sunny skies to continue, but the new forecast today was calling for a chance of snow today and tonight, with clear skies returning tomorrow. It did end … Read more