Return to the Estuary

I went back to the estuary this morning, today opting for the other side of the river, where I could be partially obscured by the trees.

The tide was still rising when I arrived shortly before full flood, and I could see the ducks feeding along the edges or resting on the patches of higher ground in the estuary.

The Eurasian Wigeon was not far from where I had chosen to look out through the branches, once again feeding with the small flock of American Wigeons.

Before I could get too focused on getting pictures, I got a phone call for work. I ended up sitting there talking and listening for quite some time. 

I was amused when the swans came to visit me – I think they must have heard me talking – and one of them even pushed into past a couple of branches to a pool before deciding I was not that interesting afterall (perhaps recognizing me from yesterday?). 

By the time I was finished with the call, the tide had dropped a bit taking the wigeon further out, and I needed to go home for lunch.

Along the way back, I stopped to take pictures of a fungus or two, and happened to notice a slug on the same standing dead elderberry branch as the fungi. I think it was one of the native taildroppers (Prophysaon sp).

There’s a high wind warning tonight, and the wind is already howling pretty good as it nears bed time.

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