Silver Bay and Whale Park

Weather today was heavy overcast, rainy and chilly (snow level down to 200 feet or so). No doubt were it not for the big year project and my intention to get at least three species a day, I would have just stayed home. 

Considering where to go, my decision was influenced by seeing some photos posted on Facebook that had been taken from along the bike trail out at Silver Bay of whales breaching.

I did not see any whales in Silver Bay, though I could see some birds out on the water. There were more birds and whales out in Eastern Channel, so I headed back to Whale Park. 

I took the trail down to the shore at the far end (furthest from town) and saw a group of sea lions not far from shore. Further out there were loons, and I think murres as well. Conditions were not the best for viewing, so it was hard to say what all was out there.

Further in the distance several whales were surfacing and divingbelow again. 

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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