Frozen Medvejie Lake

Connor, Rowan and I went to Medvejie Lake.

Inspired by photos of the smooth ice on the frozen lake (posted by Dan Evans), I decided I should take Rowan and Connor to Medvejie Lake. Connor had been there previously, but this was Rowan’s first trip.

It was a cold day – Connor’s heel had been bothering him, so he biked the road, while Rowan and I walked.

On the upper part of the trail, it was interesting to see a couple of places where it looked like there may have been a small debris flow. There was quite a bit of sand and rock on top of the vegetation either side of scoured out channels. My guess is they were from the heavy rain event earlier in the year.

We were careful about finding a place to get on to the lake, but ultimately found a place that seemed reasonable.

The ice was pretty thick, as far as we could tell, and the surface very smooth. We walked down to where the waterfall stream comes in on the south side of the lake, and went up far enough so that we could see the frozen waterfall. There was still plenty of water coming down, and we didn’t try to climb too far up on the partially frozen stream.

Shortly after we had returned to the ice, I was somewhat startled by whomp and a wave that traveled through the ice. I think a good section of the ice on the lake had settled (presumably the water level below it has dropped with the dry weather).

On the otherwise smooth surface of the lake, there were many little holes that looked like places a bubble might have popped, but I was puzzled by several apparent trails of these. I couldn’t figure out what might have caused them.

On the way back, I noticed some exceptionally well developed frost/ice crystals that I tried to take some photos of with mixed success.

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