Mystery Alcid

I’m pretty sure this is an alcid, but I can’t figure out what it is. I saw it twice this afternoon between Crescent Harbor and the end of the runway. Looking at the beak, it seems most like a Rhinocerous Auklet, but the white at the front of the wing seems out of place. I … Read more

2 February Photos: Morning Moonset and Afternoon Boat Cruise

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This morning the moonset was interesting, and though I narrowed down my selection of photos drastically, I still could not seem to limit myself to just a couple. Other photos are from an afternoon cruise on an Allen Marine boat with people from SJ.

Daily Observations

For the Friday birding bird walk, we walked through Totem Park over to Eagle Way. Later this afternoon I went out on an Allen Marine cruise that was for the Sheldon Jackson College community. We started out toward Vitskari Rocks before turning north and spending some time at the mouth of Nakwasina Sound. Weather: It … Read more

Daily Observations

I had been hoping to get out on the boat today, but the person I was going to go with had too much to do, so I ended up working on things around school and going for a walk to Totem Park. Weather: Contrary to the forecast (which called for fog in the morning and … Read more