WR: Night Fifteen

I didn’t catch anything with recordings two nights ago, and last night was another quiet night for calls, though there was plenty of wind and rain. Chirps: The more I hear these chirps, the more convinced I am that they are from a River Otter (Lontra canadensis). Download Chirps

NR: Night Thirteen

Mystery Call: This sounds like a duck or a Great Blue Heron. Recorded at 02:23. Download Mystery Call Hail Falling: There was a small hail storm early this morning. Recorded at 06:18. Download Hail Falling Bald Eagles: A couple of Bald Eagles calling in the back yard. Recorded at 08:05. Download Bald Eagles

WR: Night Eleven

A storm moved through last night with plenty of wind and no small amount of rain. The Wind: Gusts of wind blew through the trees throughout the night.Download The Wind Belted Kingfisher: Belted Kingfishers occasionally fly through the neighborhood, mostly going between Indian River and Sage Beach. Belted Kingfisher 1; Belted Kingfisher 2

WR: Night Ten

The last couple of days I didn’t end up with much. The first night was quiet, the other I had some technical difficulties. Western Screech Owl: This owl was making some interesting calls, not the typical bouncing-ball calls that are most common associated with Western Screech Owls. Download Western Screech Owl Ravens: Two ravens call … Read more