WR: Night Twenty

A quiet night, I did not catch much other than dogs barking. All the clips today are from after sunrise this morning. Red Squirrel: Recorded at 07:41. Download Red Squirrel Varied Thrush: Both ‘songs’ and their contact calls (sound like ‘chup’) can be here. I think the singing birds might be hatch year individuals, as … Read more

WR: Night Eighteen

Another quiet night. I did pick up Pine Siskins this morning. They’re a common species most years, but they haven’t been around the neighborhood too much lately. This was the first time I heard them on one of these recordings. Red Squirrel: I am not sure what, if anything, this type of vocalization means coming … Read more

WR: Night Sixteen

Another quiet night with rain through much of it. I’m thinking this may be the norm through the rest of the fall and winter. Assuming this is correct, it will be interesting to see when things pick up in the spring. Chirps: I believe these are from a River Otter, but I can’t quite decide … Read more