March is Moving On

Somehow most of a month has slipped by with very limited posting, despite my intentions to keep up with nearly daily posts. I’ve started to fill in some of the missing days with photojournal entries (see side bar for recent updates there), though in most cases it’s been long enough that I have forgotten what … Read more

Clear Skies Continue

Temperatures got down in the teens overnight. I spent some time over at the house this morning, but didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on – I did notice that winds were calm however.

On the way over to UAS I saw several American Robins. I’m not sure if it’s just the weather, or if more have shown up recently, but it does seem like there are more around than there had been.

After calm conditions through much of the day, it seemed like a breeze picked up a little bit around sunset this evening.

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Warming and Melting

This entry is part 12 of 133 in the series 2011 Photojournal

Temperatures warmed during the night from the middle 30s up to 41F and then stayed around 40 throughout the day. The higher temperatures made a big difference to the amount of snow on the ground – a fact I first noticed when I saw a dozen or more Dark-eyed Juncos scattered throughout the mostly bare … Read more

WR: Night Four

Mystery Call: I’m not sure what this is, perhaps an owl? Possibly a human? Download Mystery Call Gulls: The gulls have been quite vocal. I’m pretty sure these are about 1/8 mile or more away over on Indian River, where they are feeding on the spawned out salmon. Download Gulls Golden-crowned Kinglet Calls: I believe … Read more