Gallery: 20110116 – Sea Mart Sunset

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There have been some spectacularly colorful sunsets this winter (as is true many winters – now that I think of it), but the one today was much more subdued. Although the location where it drops below the horizon is moving north again, it’s still well in the south. Mt. Edgecumbe is approximately west of town, … Read more

Observations and Photo

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I took today’s photo to document the cliffs on Mt. Verstovia. Last Saturday the kids and I hiked to the cliffs that can be seen as white patches in the trees just above the valley clouds/fog towards the left edge of the photo. (I still remember looking out the window in Mrs. McCarthy’s fifth grade … Read more

Slush and Ice

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My primary impression of winters in Sitka is not so much shaped by cold temperatures or the amount of snow that falls, but rather what happens in the days after it snows. When a high pressure from the Yukon pushes over Southeast Alaska, we can get a period of days to even a couple weeks … Read more