Morning Weather

It is partly cloudy and cool this morning. It looks like there may have been some fresh snow above 3000 feet in the last couple of days, but it was hard to say for sure as the peaks were still partially covered by clouds. The sky looks overcast out over the ocean, and I expect … Read more

Bird Observations

The american dippers (Cinclus mexicanus) that frequent Indian River near its mouth were singing today as I made my way through the forest towards the river bank. I later saw two of them wading in different parts of the river. I imagine that they were feeding. I hoped to see a kingfisher as I had … Read more

Weather Observations

The air this morning seemed quite still. There were low clouds and a fine mist. This afternoon saw partial clearing with a breeze blowing onshore. There were still low clouds hanging around the mountains as well as off-shore. It felt fairly cool with the breeze.

Remains of a Bird

While on a walk today, I noticed a two or three feathers and thought that it seemed odd to find them there. As I looked around, I noticed more and more feathers and it occured to me that perhaps a bird had died in the area and its feathers had been blown about or moved … Read more

Riverside Raven

While taking a brief walk paralleling Indian River today, I observed a raven along the opposite shore walking along the edge of the water. It was headed downstream, periodically poking its beak into places, but I could not tell what it was getting. Another raven landed in a branch above the first and made some … Read more