WR: Night Sixteen

Another quiet night with rain through much of it. I’m thinking this may be the norm through the rest of the fall and winter. Assuming this is correct, it will be interesting to see when things pick up in the spring. Chirps: I believe these are from a River Otter, but I can’t quite decide … Read more

WR: Night Fifteen

I didn’t catch anything with recordings two nights ago, and last night was another quiet night for calls, though there was plenty of wind and rain. Chirps: The more I hear these chirps, the more convinced I am that they are from a River Otter (Lontra canadensis). Download Chirps

NR: Night Thirteen

Mystery Call: This sounds like a duck or a Great Blue Heron. Recorded at 02:23. Download Mystery Call Hail Falling: There was a small hail storm early this morning. Recorded at 06:18. Download Hail Falling Bald Eagles: A couple of Bald Eagles calling in the back yard. Recorded at 08:05. Download Bald Eagles

WR: Night Eleven

A storm moved through last night with plenty of wind and no small amount of rain. The Wind: Gusts of wind blew through the trees throughout the night.Download The Wind Belted Kingfisher: Belted Kingfishers occasionally fly through the neighborhood, mostly going between Indian River and Sage Beach. Belted Kingfisher 1; Belted Kingfisher 2

WR: Night Ten

The last couple of days I didn’t end up with much. The first night was quiet, the other I had some technical difficulties. Western Screech Owl: This owl was making some interesting calls, not the typical bouncing-ball calls that are most common associated with Western Screech Owls. Download Western Screech Owl Ravens: Two ravens call … Read more