Exceptional Winter Sunset

I have the impression that in addition to the timing, the character of sunsets changes throughout the year here in Sitka. Of course seasonal changes have corresponding shifts in prevailing weather patterns. As we watch from town over the months between winter and summer solstices, the changes from mid-afternoon sunsets in the southeast over Sitka … Read more

Pastel Sunset

Although I don’t think today’s rain was ever heavy, it was steady. It made it easier for me stay inside and do more work catching up. Today’s efforts were directed more to dealing with various small critters, most of them moths, that I had accumulated over some weeks but not dealt with properly yet. I’m … Read more

First and Last Light on Peak 4900

Back in early February over a couple of days I happened to take morning and evening pictures from similar locations of the unnamed 4900+ foot peak that rises behind the Sisters (and perhaps historically has been considered one of them). I thought it was interesting to notice the differences in where shadows fall as well … Read more

Sun is Moving North

I took a moment to capture this scene yesterday from the top of the bridge because I was struck by how recently it seems like the sun was setting where it is now still a fair bit up in the sky and continuing its trek toward the west. It will be a couple of weeks … Read more