Neighborhood Deer

This evening the neighbors knocked on our door to let us know there was a deer out in the driveway. I got my camera to try taking a picture, but as it was dusk, there was not really much chance for that to turn out acceptably sharp without a big flash (the best I could … Read more

Needle Ice

I went up to Indian River Falls today and noticed a number of small streams that were still flowing with little ice (while others, sometimes larger streams, were frozen solid). I think the free flowing water must have come out of the ground at a temperature well above freezing and a flow rate such that, … Read more

The Woods were Crawling with Woodpeckers

Today I went for a walk and was able to observe Red-breasted Sapsuckers at very close range. Not only that, but there seemed to be a much larger number of them than is typical. I counted about a dozen of them from Sheldon Jackson College into Totem Park before I stopped paying close attention. I … Read more

Winter Robins

It was getting close to dark on this heavy overcast day and the bird seen here was staying near the tops of the trees. The poor light made it difficult for me to identify this bird at first. This difficulty was compounded by the fact that I was not really expecting to see a robin. … Read more

The Trees of the Forest

(Larger Version) Baranof Island is covered in temperate rainforest. What parts of Sitka that are not bounded by the sea are typically surrounded by forest slopes of the mountains of Baranof Island. The mature forest consists of Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock, and Yellow Cedar, with Mountain Hemlock becoming dominant at higher elevations. The photo shows … Read more