Small Wasp (Microgastrinae)

On a late July hike, I noticed what appeared to be some sort of silken egg sack/case hanging from a sedge in a muskeg in Indian River valley. I wondered if it might be from a spider, since I couldn’t think of anything else that might have enough silk to make such a case. Still, … Read more

Rubber Threads (Nemalion helminthoides)

Looking somewhat like dark brown over-cooked spaghetti draped over the barnacle encrusted rock of the high intertidal on Magic Island, the aptly named rubber threads (Nemalion helminthoides) were new to me. As far as I can tell at this point (still early in my learning about marine algae), there is not really anything else they … Read more

Marbled Murrelets Close to Shore

Marbled Murrelet a short distance offshore of Magic Island During the July low tide series, the kids and I visited the south beach area of Halibut Point Rec. Shortly after we arrived, Connor noticed Marbled Murrelets on the water not far off the north point of Magic Island and went over there to try and … Read more