Rain Returns

As expected, the rain returned overnight. It was forecast to be fairly windy, and indeed the buoy was showing waves over 12 feet this morning when I checked. Around the house I never noticed a particularly strong wind. It was nice to have the warm summer rain. I hadn’t really thought about it until I … Read more

On Being an Aspiring Naturalist

The series of entries that starts with this post was conceived after S. L. White, of Foothills Fancies, Romantic Naturalist, and other blogs, had some nice things to say about this site, with particular mention of the 1000 Species Project. Initially I was just going to leave a comment on the entry there, but I … Read more

Daily Observations

I had the opportunity to get up Indian River Valley with Scott Harris and Richard Carstensen. Richard is a naturalist who lives in Juneau, but has done work all over Southeast Alaska. He made the comment that to be a naturalist, you must be a generalist in subject matter, but a specialist in place. I … Read more