Bohemian Waxwings

This afternoon I saw a flock of Bohemian Waxwings on the hillside of the Nazarene Church. I probably would not have noticed them, but Connor was interested in something and my brother mentioned that it might be the birds. They were eating the berries from he mountain ash trees that grow there. They stayed there … Read more

Brave Merganser

While down at the park today, Connor and I saw a female common merganser that seemed to be exceptionally tolerant of our presence. There were a total of three mergansers on the gravel bar when Connor and I arrived at the river’s edge. At first I only noticed a pair of mergansers that was on … Read more

Sheldon Jackson Mink

This afternoon Connor and I were watching a ball that had been captured by the falling water of the flume falls. While we were sitting there, I happened to look over towards the bridge, and saw a mink standing there. I am not sure if it had come out from under the bridge or somewhere … Read more


When Connor and I were walking through the woods, we saw a squirrel going down a tree that had a mouth full of something. I am not sure what it had in its mouth, but it looked soft and cottony and was dark gray. It paused for a moment or two to look at us … Read more

Bird Notes

I woke up to the winter wrens singing before 6am. The birds are definitely getting more vocal. Connor and I went for a walk and made it down to the beach before 7am. While we were there, I got some video of a kingfisher as it was fishing off of the pilings near the hatchery. … Read more