Turnaround Shorebirds

Attendance at ultimate was sparse this afternoon, so after playing catch for a bit in the wind, I drove out to Starrigavan to see if there was much going on out there. The estuary and beach seemed fairly quiet, and I noticed a text from Connor that he had seen a Semipalmated Sandpiper at the … Read more

Rare Gulls

Connor texted me from his paper route to let me know he had found a Ring-billed Gull on the beach near Eagle Way. My only prior experience with this species was an immature bird I photographed back in 2007 or so, but didn’t figure out the ID for until several years later. I was able … Read more

Dusky Thrush

While standing near the Crescent Harbor shelter visiting with another local birder and waiting to help move some stuff with a friend, I noticed a bird perched in a shrub over across by the sea walk. Song Sparrows are common at that location, but I could see enough even without binoculars to tell it probably … Read more

Blustery Winds

Officially temperatures warmed significantly overnight and through day, but gusty winds out of the east made that less seem less than obvious to me. Connor found the Purple Finch around mid-morning on Etolin Street today. Later in the day he checked Swan Lake and found a second coot had joined the one that has been … Read more

Cold Day, Channel Birds

Clear and calm overnight resulted in the coldest night (and day) so far this season.  Although the sun was shining for the first half of the day, clouds started moving over this afternoon. I did not spend too much time outside, but did get out on an afternoon boat trip around the causeway and back … Read more