LeConte’s Sparrow

My sunset alarm (set to go off ten minutes before sunset in Sitka each day) had just gone off when I heard my phone vibrate, indicating a text message. It was showing up as an image from Connor – unusual, as he has never texted me a photo before. It was accompanied by a text … Read more

Locating the Golden Eagle Nest

Late last week, Eric and Cathy Parker reported seeing a raptor and hearing calls that were probably a Golden Eagle. Yesterday Chuck Susie found a nest on the cliffs above the west end of Blue Lake, and today was able to confirm that it was in active use by a pair of Golden Eagles. He … Read more

Swan Lake and Galankin Island

I made a trip downtown today with a stop by Swan Lake. The male Redhead was there with a female Gadwall, but I did not see the female Redhead that had been there previously. This evening I went out to Galankin Island with Kitty and Allison – Allison was hoping to resight some of the … Read more

Fledgling Song Sparrow

One of the Song Sparrows banded in my yard last November has stayed around to nest. Connor discovered where the nest recently, and today I saw a young bird sitting just outside of it. I suspect it was just leaving the nest, and both the (banded) father and mother were in nearby trees keeping an … Read more

Great Horned Owl

I heard about a Great Horned Owl that had been being harassed by crows since early this morning. It was located in a dense patch of trees in a residential area, but I was able to get a bit of a look at it through the branches. The crows were fairly relentless in calling at … Read more

Banded Yard Birds

Connor recently figured out where the Song Sparrows were nesting (the male in the pair was banded last fall in my yard), and I got a poor picture of one of them headed into the brush pile where the nest is. While watching the yard, I was surprised to see a banded Dark-eyed Junco visit. … Read more