Remains of a Bird

While on a walk today, I noticed a two or three feathers and thought that it seemed odd to find them there. As I looked around, I noticed more and more feathers and it occured to me that perhaps a bird had died in the area and its feathers had been blown about or moved … Read more

Riverside Raven

While taking a brief walk paralleling Indian River today, I observed a raven along the opposite shore walking along the edge of the water. It was headed downstream, periodically poking its beak into places, but I could not tell what it was getting. Another raven landed in a branch above the first and made some … Read more

Some Bird Observations

Yesterday afternoon I put Connor in his backpack and went for a walk down to the beach and then around Totem Park. Near the hatchery we saw two common merganzers, a male and a female. Earlier in the week I had seen an additional male, and I wondered if it was still hanging about somewhere. … Read more

Trumpeter Swans

I had heard and seen pictures of trumpeter swans wintering along the shore near town, but had not seen them until yesterday. A pair of them flew a few circles around the Sheldon Jackson quad in the afternoon when I was walking home. I am not sure why they were doing that, but I could … Read more

Indian River Trail to Old USGS Water Survey

[originally written in a paper journal, subsequently published on my older site. Current (2014) commentary in [italics] ] Things are much more damp today after the rains of yesterday. I hiked up Indian River Trail, but not very far. I went through the muskeg from the bench to the old USGS water survey. I took … Read more

Indian River Road and Trail

[originally written in paper journal and subsequently published on my older site] I am still a little tired from yesterday, so I decided to just go up the road behind the gravel pond off Indian River Road and then cut over to Indian River Trail. It must have been pretty dry here for the last … Read more