Herring Opening

This afternoon I spent some time watching the buildup and start of the herring opening. Initially boats seemed to be fairly evenly distributed from Crescent harbor down to the mouth of Jamestown Bay. The larger tenders seemed to be off to the side, presumably to allow the seiners room to put out their nets before … Read more

Herring Opening

Just heard on the radio that there will be an opening this afternoon. Fishing is expected to take place between Eastern Channel and Japonski island in Crescent Bay and along Galankin Island. This means there could be quite a bit of activity visible from Totem Park and the beach along Lincoln Street. I’ll probably walk … Read more

Herring Season

The herring fleet has been on two hour notice for the last couple of days. The herring sac roe fishery is often not more than a couple of hours. From first light, spotters are flying small aircraft looking for the large schools of herring. Seiners go out to various place in order to make test … Read more

Bird Notes

I woke up to the winter wrens singing before 6am. The birds are definitely getting more vocal. Connor and I went for a walk and made it down to the beach before 7am. While we were there, I got some video of a kingfisher as it was fishing off of the pilings near the hatchery. … Read more


When I was at Indian River yesterday, I stopped to watch a dipper sing. It sat on a rock in the middle of the river at the top of a short rapid. After it finished singing, it flew upstream a short distance to an alder tree that had fallen into the river. It would dive … Read more

Flume Fish

A few days ago Melissa, Connor, and I walked along the flume during a morning stroll. I noticed there were fish swimming about that looked like they were about 6-10 inches long. This seems large for salmon fry, so I wonder if they were salmon that did not migrate to the ocean or maybe trout.