Recent Observations

Weather: Weather the last couple of days has been mostly cloudy with some rain. Wednesday it rained for much of the day and Thursday the rain started late morning but let up by evening. Birds: The ravens continue to regularly feed on the campus lawn. The Savannah Sparrows are still quite abundant. I hear Orange-crowned … Read more

Daily Observations

Weather: Today’s weather reminded me of spring weather I typically associate with March and April. Chilly rain showers moved through with the sun breaking out for short periods of time. The snow level has been down around 2000ft still within the past couple of days, so I suspect the snow pack is still accumulating rather … Read more


It’s been a busy week and I have not had the time or energy to do any entries. Weather: It’s been pretty wet the last couple of days. Thursday it was noticably warmer than it had been. Snow level was up above 3000 feet for most of the past couple of days, but I noticed … Read more