Low Tide in the Fog

This morning we went down to the science center for a brief talk followed up by beach walk. The talk focused on possible effects of climate change on intertidal life, highlighting some of the results seen during the speaker’s PhD research in California. The speaker is one of two resident fellows (SIRF) at the science … Read more

Sea Cauliflower (Leathesia marina)

Sea Cauliflower (Leathesia marina) seems to be a relatively easy to identify seaweed with relatively thick flesh growing in lumpy masses. It was abundant at John Brown’s beach early this summer, though I’ve not been familiar with it long enough to have a sense of how common it is more generally in the area. The … Read more

John Brown’s Beach

A friend arrived in town yesterday for the low tide series and I agreed to provide transportation and do some low tide looking. We decided on John Brown’s Beach, aiming to be there around 6:45 for the -2.6 tide about an hour later. Unfortunately, last night I was up until nearly 1am when I felt … Read more

John Brown’s Beach

With a -2.2 tide predicted for this morning and the fairly reasonable time of 8:45am, we decided to spend some time at John Brown’s Beach. I imagine there will be additional posts in the coming days about some of the things we saw there. Yesterday’s clear skies continued overnight and into today, though temperatures did … Read more

Sandy Beach

We did not have a lot of time, but Rowan has been wanting to visit Sandy Beach when the tide was low enough for the sand to be exposed, so we took a side trip there before going to the grocery store. Highlights included my first vermillion star, an ant-like intertidal beetle, and 2-5 California … Read more