Totem Park Walk; Whale Watching

I walked around Totem Park this morning with the intention of getting some photos of the huckleberry leaves that were still persisting. This afternoon I went on an Allen Marine trip for Mt. Edgecumbe seniors that was focused on recording sea birds and dive times of whales. It was an exercise intended to give students … Read more

Kamenoi Beach

On this second (and final) weekend of my dad’s visit up here, we all had the opportunity to go with a friend to Kruzof Island. Rowan and I planned to sit on the beach and relax while the others went hunting. It was a nice sunny day, and the boat ride out was largely uneventful, … Read more

Trip to Ataku

I was invited to tag along on a boat trip to Ataku Island, location of a WWII era lookout bunker and home to some cranberries our boat captain had noticed on a trip earlier this year. Located near Biorka Island some miles south of town, I had been down that far in a boat in … Read more

BBS and St. Lazaria

This morning started very early – as the only day forecast to be nice weather this week, it seemed like the best bet for getting the breeding bird survey done. The survey consists of 50 stops, each .5 miles apart. At each stop I was supposed to observe (listen/look) for 3 minutes and record all … Read more