Tufted Puffin

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Had a chance to get out with a couple of visitors on a tour with Jim Seeland of Sitka Sound Tours. They were interested in seeing birds out on the water and so Jim asked me to come along. The weather wasn’t particularly pleasant out in the sound, so we stuck to inside waters south of town where I was able to photograph this Tufted Puffin in Redoubt Bay.

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Boat Birding

It was a lovely late winter/early spring day with partly cloudy skies and calm conditions. I was able to get out for a trip birding by boat. We went from town out to checkout the waters by Low Island, then along the Kruzof shoreline and into Port Krestof before coming back to town.

Fall Warbler

I still have trouble distinguishing Wilson’s and Yellow Warblers in the fall. I think if I had a chance to observe them carefully for a while, it probably wouldn’t be too hard, but I’ve generally seen them actively feeding and hard to get a good look at for long.

Sandpiper Stalk and Cowbird

On a walk through Totem Park this morning, Connor had some success getting close to the migrating shorebirds by slowly and carefully crawling towards where they were feeding (note the Least Sandpiper at the lower left of the photo above). Downtown later today I noticed a Brown-headed Cowbird looking around the landscaping bed in front … Read more