Channel Birds

Windy and rainy, temperatures in the 40s.

Much of the snow melted off overnight and through the day.

I heard strong gusts of winds overnight. It was still pretty gusty at times today.

Gull numbers continue to increase. I visited the channel three times, but didn’t see any unusual species. Connor saw a Glaucous Gull this evening, but when I went an hour later (my third trip), the channel had far fewer birds.

I went back to Little Magic Island. This time I brought a chisel to collect a small chunk of rock with lichen I had observed previously.

I also wanted to revisit the tidepools. The tide was low enough, but wind blown waves were pushing into a couple of the lower pools. The wind also raised ripples on the surface of the pools, so it was difficult to see in them.

I did get a couple pictures, and a collection, but will need to go back again to find one other thing I want to revisit and collect for better photos.

The first in-person natural history seminar since 2019 took place this evening. Simon Hook spoke and shared some of his pictures and stories from his time in Antarctica late last year. The last time he was a guest on the Sitka Nature show, we spoke about his experiences there as well.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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