Lincoln Street Lichens

A thin overcast developed overnight and persisted throughout the day. There were minor breaks, but not much direct sun in town.

Yesterday I noticed a report of a (the?) Townsend’s Solitaire at a hawthorne tree over by Sealing Cove. It had been posted three days earlier, and I’m not sure how I missed it.

I checked it out early this afternoon. While watching, a robin flew in. No solitaire while I was looking.

I spent some time along Lincoln Street beach. I wanted to look for a fungus that I’ve previously found fruiting on an old stranded drift log this time of year.

I found one of the black cups, but didn’t notice any others during my brief search.

The tide was up, but there was still enough room to go around on the rocks.

I made observations a few lichens. One I recoginzed and have a name for. Another I think I recognized am might have a name for. The third is one I’m not sure about. Though I must have seen it before, I’m not sure if I’ve ever taken pictures.

Herring boats were tied up at the transient float in Crescent Harbor. Things will be picking up soon.

I don’t think long-line season has opened yet, but it should be soon. Gull numbers will increase dramatically when the fish plants start taking deliveries.

An ebird report came in of 17 Ancient Murrelets (in several groups) and 21 Horned Puffins out on the sound. The puffins have been around this winter, but that’s a surprising number, even so.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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