Breaking Clouds and Waves

Overcast with showers. Breezy, with temperatures in the low 40s and dropping later in the day.

As forecast, the winds died down overnight. Yesterday evening folks posted on Facebook places where winds had damaged things downtown. A street light, harbor sign, and shop window all were taken out.

I went out to south Halibut Pont rec this afternoon. There was enough chilly wind coming off the water that I didn’t spend too long poking around for epiphytes.

I enjoyed the dramatic lighting while was there.

I stopped to watch waves at Sandy Beach. The tide was falling and well off the high.

The surfing waves are best when the tide is higher. Despite the waves rolling in, the last two surfers gave it up while I was watching. That didn’t stop some young kneeboarders from heading out into the surf coming in over the sandy part of the beach.

I didn’t see any birds on a brief stop at Sealing Cove.

I delivered another bird calendar today. I have one person who ordered left to hear from about where to drop it off.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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