Christmas Crane

Overcast and windy with rain at at times. Temperatures in the upper 40s.

Despite warm temperatures, there was some ice on my driveway today. I think skies must have cleared a bit last night. The wet snow and water was then able to freeze and hadn’t yet thawed.

As of the end of yesterday, the total precipitation for the year at the airport was 99.96″. Not as much rain fell today as I expected might based on the forecast. I think it will easily put the year-to-date total over 100″, however.

I went for a brief outing late this morning.

I hoped to get down to Sage Beach while the tide was still low enough for me to access the larger rocks. I wanted to check on the Prasiola. It should be growing. I didn’t make it.

I could see green on the rocks, which may be the Prasiola. Sometime this week I’ll try to get down there again for a closer look.

I saw the coot running around on the peninsula at Swan Lake on a drive-by.

The crane was just outside of Moller Park near the track.

I checked the channel and spent a few minutes at Sealing Cove. I got a brief look at the Brambling, and pictures of some sparrows.

It was a dim day. Even with high ISO I needed to reduce my shutter speeds well below optimal. Image stabilization technology is super helpful to get reasonable shots on days like this during the low-light time of year.

For lunch I made dutch baby pancakes and topping. While looking for something else, I had found a bag of mountain blueberries I froze in 2019 (which I had forgotten about). I used some for one of the toppings. It turned out well, maintaining the unique flavor of those berries.

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