Fall Made in Sitka Market

Heavy clouds and rain. Temperatures continued in the upper 50s to around 60F.

Today was a fall market run by the same folks who organized the tourist markets I did during the summer.

After checking the porch for moths (I found a couple), I packed my stuff up and went get set up.

By the time the market was over at 5pm, it already seemed to be getting dark out. Sunset wasn’t for another hour, but the heavy clouds were enough.

I did stop briefly at Swan Lake to see if I might be able to observe the family of Wood Ducks that had been reported earlier in the day. I did hear and get a bit of a look at one down at the lower end of the lake.

The market went well. I sold more than on any of the days this summer. Sales were fairly front loaded. I only made two sales after 2pm, and none in the last hour. I sold mostly 4×6 matted prints, but did sell four ~8×10 sized prints as well.

The pictures of prints I’ve included with this post were some of the ones I took of sales. It’s how I keep track what I’ve sold.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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