Continuing Cool with Snow

Temperatures in the 30s, and a mix of snow and rain falling. Brief breaks between showers let through a little bit of sun.

On my outing today, I checked out Sawmill Cove. The roads had mostly been cleared, but the dock still had a fair bit of snow so I decided not to go sit and watch the water. It did not appear to be as active as my last visit, from what I did see.

The American Coot and Wood Duck were back at Swan Lake. The Wood Duck was seen down at the park, and I think it’s moving back and forth with the Mallards. I’m not sure if I just missed the coot last time, or if it went somewhere else for a bit as well.

Watching the birds at the feeder today, I noticed a banded Dark-eyed Junco. I didn’t get the full band color combination. I did see an orange band, which means it was was one of the more recent ones banded.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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