Windy and Wet

Windy and wet. Rain fell for much of the day, with heavier showers at times. Winds were strong and gusty out of the west when I was out.

I was not able to get out until the afternoon, by which time the light already seemed to be fading due to the heavy clouds combined with low sun as we near winter solstice.

I counted twelve Trumpeter Swans at Starrigavan.

There was also a film crew braving the conditions out in the estuary meadow. I am not sure what they were filming, but I did see a dog that seemed to be part of it. Perhaps it was something about duck hunting.

Despite the fierce conditions, I saw a fishing boat headed north when I stopped at Sandy Beach. It really seemed to be pitching and rolling at times, but presumably they knew what they were doing.

Common Mergansers are gathering in the channel again. I counted around 50 this afternoon.

The Glaucous Gull was also on the ramp again.

Tides today were over 1ft above predicted for part of the day. It would have been more interesting to see how high last weekend’s big tides got if conditions had been similar to today.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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