High Tide at Starrigavan

The forecast sunny skies did not happen. Instead high clouds from a low pressure system to the south moved over earlier than expected.

Frost was developing last night when I was out, but it had warmed up by the time I got up. Temperatures were in mid-30s.

With a relatively dry past week, November is off to a drier than normal start.

After being up late watching the northern lights, I slept in today. It will take some time to get through over 300 photos I took last night.

I went to Starrigavan for high tide. It was distinctly higher than yesterday. Today’s Predicted was ~12ft, with an actual measure of ~12.4ft. The highest predicted tides in series are over the next couple of days (12.4 and 12.5).

Today’s tide just broke over the low spot on the old Nelson Logging road-level foot path.

Pacific Wren waggle
Pacific Wren waggle

With such a high tide and much less ground without water, the sparrows and Pacific Wrens hung up near the upper edge of the estuary near the boardwalk and were actively foraging.

Among the several Song Sparrows and couple of Pacific Wrens I spotted a Swamp Sparrow (#173).

It mostly stayed in the thicket, but did come out in the open briefly after getting pushed out of an area by a Song Sparrow. Not long after, it flew off to another part of the estuary and I did not see it again.

I am curious what the sparrows are eating. Almost certainly seeds, but of what plants, and are there other things besides seeds?

I haven’t seen the White-throated Sparrow the past couple of days at kelp patch pull out.

I did see a possible Rhinoceros Auklet, but it was too far out and I got poor photos, so I’m not sure. Shortly after, I definitely saw a Common Murre.

I didn’t stop by Swan Lake today, but someone else reported 5 coots, and there was another reported from Galankin Island. This is the most we’ve had here for some years.

Although originally thinking I would make applesauce out of the apples we cut up, I ended up going with apple butter. That’s just the way it was cooking down, and I had added plenty of spices to it.

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