Hybrid Duck and Northern Shrike

Partly cloudy this morning with sunshine – becoming overcast with minor sun breaks later in the day.

Quite breezy today.

Rain held off through the daylight hours (at least where I was, though I did see bits of rainbow this afternoon).

Temperatures in the 50s again today. Yesterday’s high of 59F was well short of the record 65F. Yesterday’s 47F matched the ‘normal’ high temperature for the date.

Connor got out and texted me about a Wood Duck and Mallard X Northern Pintail hybrid at Swan Lake. A bit later he messaged me about a thicker billed cormorant in the Channel by ANB Harbor.

I couldn’t get out until later, but did go look this afternoon.

I did find the birds at Swan Lake.

The hybrid looked a bit different than the last one I saw here, though perhaps that is due to the season. Regardless, it was no less striking.

I did not find the cormorant, but there was lots of gull activity in the channel.

I started out the road and had made it past Sandy Beach when I heard from KJ the shrike was showing near Sealing Cove (where I had been only a few minutes before).

I turned around and after a bit of looking, was able to see it (#172) and get some pictures.

A flicker followed it around a little bit. They didn’t seem to have a direct interaction, but I think the flicker was giving it some attention.

I followed the shrike as it moved from tree top to treetop. From where I first saw it beside the bridge, to the Kasei Maru memorial, over to the swim center, and then closer to UAS. I lost it when it disappeared into bushes alongside one of the MEHS buildings.

I don’t think it was the mystery bird I saw yesterday, since the shrike has distinctive white on tail feathers that I suspect I would have seen.

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