North Halibut Point Rec at Low Tide

Low overcast and fog this morning, with calm winds. Clouds lifted through the morning with partial clearing this afternoon.

I went out for low tide this morning with Connor. We parked at the north end of Halibut Point Rec and checked the rocky shoreline near there. (I hadn’t realized how much eelgrass there is out front of the north shelters.)

Predicted to be a bit less low than yesterday, with an assist from the atmosphere, it actually ended up being a touch lower.

This was not a place I had been before, but KJ recommended it. Yet again I was reminded of the gaps in my awareness of places, even relatively close to home. In this case there were nets up in the trees which folks presumably climb up into. I also noticed a couple of old bolts in the bedrock rising up from the water. It made me curious what they might have been put in for.

As we were coming back around on the rocks towards the flatter beach, I crossed paths with a 7 year old who was looking for animals on the beach. He enthusiastically showed me a couple of spots where he had found a bunch of sea anemones and starfish. Later he caught a prickleback to show us.

This afternoon I took the Muirs up Harbor Mountain road. With the clouds now higher and breaking up to the south, there were nice views of the sound.

From downtown there were some interesting clouds this evening towards the north. I took photos and would be curious what was going on to cause those particular forms.

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