Early June Moths

Low clouds for much of the day, though they lifted a bit this afternoon. Rain fell this morning, and again later in the day.

I was a little surprised to find three different moths on the porch this morning. It’s been quiet moth-wise lately, but perhaps the warmer weather got some out and moving. Later in the day I found several more at the park on a brief stop and check.

My main outside time was a walk up Heart Lake trail to the summit of the trail between Heart and Thimbleberry Lakes.

The stream crossing has been eroded significantly, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise. It would definitely take some work before a vechicle could cross (the trail was built to allow access to the power lines in case they needed service and/or repair – this was needed some years ago after a landslide took out the power lines).

It was fairly quiet, but I did hear a few birds.

Green up has definitely happened, but it still seemed somewhat early in the year.

I was reminded by a photojournal from a past year that there have been some years when salmonberries are getting ripe by now. I think they’re mostly past peak blooming, but the first ones still have a ways to go before they’ll be ripe.

I stepped off the main trail a few different places to check out what appeared to be side trails. Perhaps they are places people go somewhat regularly, or maybe deer or bears, I’m not sure. A couple of them seemed to end quickly, while a couple of others offered the possibility of a longer wander. I wasn’t really prepared to explore today, but will try to remember to come back another time.

Rain started falling and I didn’t feel inclined to get soaked, so I did not linger long.

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