Foggy June Morning

Fog this morning, lifting by midday. Overcast with some thin spots that, in this gray spring, I am willing to count as sun shining through (I could see shadows).

I walked to Swan Lake this morning. In addition to the expected birds, I saw a couple of Ring-necked Ducks. I spoke briefly with a long-time local who has lived by the lake for the better part of 50 years. He mentioned seeing a Cinnamon Teal earlier this spring. I’m guessing it was the same one as at the park. He also mentioned his impression that the midge hatches have been much reduced in recent years compared to what they once were.

I met another birder who is new to town and will spend the summer interning at the raptor center. It was interesting to hear about birding in Chicago, and the species at the lake (including American Wigeon and Pine Siskin) which were lifers.

This afternoon I drove out the road to do a retake of a photo taken by The Photoshop on June 1st, 1939. The lighting wasn’t the same, but the young snow extent was actually not far off. It’s clear there is much less old snow (and ice) than there was 82 years ago.

Blue Lake looks like it will probably spill in the next couple of days unless they run a lot of water through for power.

May ended up with 5.10 inches of precipitation, 1.29 inches above normal, and 3.22 inches above last year (despite this, this year’s total precipitation for he year is less than an inch ahead of last year’s total). June appears to be following May’s trend toward gray, with rain likely for the next several days.

As rainy as it’s been, other areas in Southeast Alaska and coastal British Columbia have been even wetter.

I noticed at least a handful of the strawberries I transplanted this year survived the winter and are blooming. The ones I moved a couple of years ago look pretty happy.

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