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Bud Eating Birds

I heard a couple of new birds (sort of) singing this morning in the yard. A Golden-crowned Sparrow has been around, but I hadn’t heard it before. I also heard a robin sing a few notes. These didn’t sound like full on songs, but they were getting their voices warmed up, at least. The robin made me wonder about migrants, as we’re getting to the time when the first song bird migrants return (robins and Ruby-crowned Kinglets are among the first).

Long-tailed Ducks Tag In

Rain and clouds continued, winds seemed to be light while I was out and about.

Yesterday’s rain total ended up being 0.92″, so a little less than I thought it might be. Still enough to take us to 1.52″ above normal for the month, and 2.69″ above normal for the year to date.

Gulls and Scaups

Overcast and warm enough (with enough rain) to melt the snow in the yard. Clouds did thin enough a couple of times that, given the lack of sunshine so far this year, I might be inclined to say they were sunny breaks (but friends from elsewhere would roll their eyes at that, for sure).